Exploring The Garment District NYC

NYC has been amazing this week and with an afternoon free, I wanted to explore The Garment District since I haven't spent too much time in the neighborhood. There were a few spots I wanted to try out since I already had a favorite in the area, Culture Espresso, who make some of the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever tried. 

The Garment District has evolved so much lately and I started my morning out trying a new coffee shop called Ramini Espresso bar & Cafe

Ramini was the first stop of the morning with some pretty delicious lattes and pastries. It was similar to Turkish pastries I miss so much. Not to mention, the banana bread slices are more than enough for two people to share and it's one of the best I've tried. 

My next stop for lunch was on the rooftop of the Refinery Hotel. I fell in love with its charming aesthetic as soon as I entered. It felt like an open garden with a beautiful view and bright lit seating area.  

Some of my favorite picks: truffle fries, meatballs in a yogurt tomato sauce, and a kale cashew salad. 

I continued to explore the surrounding streets and even a bit of Times Square. 

I can't wait to be back to try more places around the city. Be sure to check out these spots in the area if you're visiting :) Hope you enjoyed!

Photos: Elizabeth Catalano

Staying Cozy With Aerie

Hello from Los Angeles! I just finished a week in NYC for Fashion Week and it was a nonstop few days. In the midst of it, I had to find little moments to step away and take a break for myself to recharge. I love having off time to check out new spots I haven't been to or just walk around the city. 

During this trip, instead of staying at a hotel, I chose an Airbnb to make it feel more like a home. For a while I've wanted to make NYC my home, so just being able to look out my bedroom window in the morning or walk outside to the nearest coffee shop made it seem a little more real. 

With all the outfits I had to plan for this trip, I loved planning for the comfy and cozy ones too. I'm thankful to partner with Aerie again to feature some of my go-to pieces for my off days. Since we had so much snow, I resorted to spending a little more time in the warmth. 

Views like this never get old

Always needing some warm coffee around the corner :)

Check out some of my current favorites from Aerie below:


Welcome To New York

Hello from NYC! I've been here for the past few days starting this years Fashion Week in a snowy blizzard. It's been a challenging weather situation, but overall so excited to be back in one of my favorite cities again with some close friends.

I pulled out some classic basics with a few edgy details on the bag, hoodie, and booties. As you know, I'm in love with any black outfit with unique detailing and thought this New York sweater was perfect.

All pieces are some of my current favorites from Urban Outfitters's new arrivals and I'm excited to be sharing them this month with you all. Take a look below for more details:

Photos: Bethany Marie


Valentine's Day Gift + Outfit Guide

Valentines Day is right around the corner and I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces and outfit ideas for the holiday! Whether you're flying solo or planning a romantic day, I think it's fun to celebrate either way and create an experience wherever you're at. Throughout the year, I'm always reminded how important it is to be able to love yourself well before you can love others. So, challenge yourself to treat yourself well and do something different. It's also an opportunity to lavish some special attention, encouragement, and celebration towards family, friends, and loved ones in an intentional way that becomes a lifestyle. 

Gift Guide

Outfit Guide


New Spaces To Stay Refreshed

Finding a new space to dwell in is so needed sometimes. To get away and be in an unfamiliar place to unwind and start a fresh week. Do you ever get that hunch to just drive to a new place just to see what you'll discover because familiarity just isn't cutting it? I've had one of those weekends. 

Resting doesn’t mean being idle or not doing anything; it’s learning how to stay refreshed from within as a normal state of being.

I ventured out to this beautiful loft in Santa Monica and shot this fun look, but also rest in a new place. Cultivating a routine of rest is something that's changed my life and creativity. Resting doesn't mean being idle or not doing anything; it's learning how to stay refreshed from within as a normal state of being. This has been one of the sole keys in my creativity and branching into discovering new things about myself. So, I've been finding little moments to do that this weekend during the constant rain LA has had.

These two weeks will be busy ones– I'm packing for moving and packing for Fashion Week festivities all at the same time. So much transition is happening but I'm so excited to have a new space soon and come back to one of my favorite cities. Will anyone else be attending NYFW this February?

See some of my favorite pieces/details from this set below:

Photos: Alandra Michelle