Skinfix: Inked Tattoo Balm

Skinfix: Inked Tattoo Balm

I get asked about my tattoos quite a bit– which are all so near and dear to me. I've never felt like a "tattoo person," but the meaningful words and poetry on me are some of my favorite accessories, as well as their placements. 

Taking care of them are just as much of a priority, especially when I continue to add new ones. Since I always get asked about them, I also wanted to share how I take care of them and what I've loved using as of late– which is the Skinfix Inked Tattoo Balm. It's a natural balm and can we just talk about these amazing ingredients?! Orange peel extract, shea butter, jojoba, coconut, and sunflower oils, and it's 99.5% natural. And just as much as I love what is in it, I also love what's not: petroleum, lanolin, fragrance, parabens, phthalates, preservatives, gluten, and soy.

Let's face it: after doing the skin a bit of damage, some natural vitamins and antioxidants can be a lifesaver instead of a plain cream. 

Skinfix: Inked Tattoo Balm
Skinfix: Inked Tattoo Balm

It's not only soothing, but protecting during the most important stages of the healing process. Since these are permanent marks on the skin, this should be just as much of an investment as the tattoo itself is. The balm can even be used to bring life back into existing tattoos to help maintain their beauty.

Skinfix: Inked Tattoo Balm
Skinfix: Inked Tattoo Balm
Skinfix: Inked Tattoo Balm
Skinfix: Inked Tattoo Balm

This is the newest addition to all the award winning products from Skinfix and it's available at if you're on the hunt for a great aid for your tattoos. What I also love is its compact size– so it's great for traveling too. Use promo code SKINFIX3OFF on orders over $10 through 12/31/17 for any Skinfix order. Happy healing!


Langham Hotel x Immunocologie Staycation

Last week I got to experience the beautiful Langham Hotel in Pasadena with the Immuncologie team for two days of relaxation, inspiration, and beauty. It was such a beautiful retreat and I was greeted with some fun goods during the trip that I wanted to share.

Karen Ballou, founder of Immunocologie was as radiant as her products. From the moment I met her, to toasting over rose's, hearing her testimony– I loved her heart, passion, and authenticity in her life. Immunocologie is not only life giving to the skin, but to the whole immune system from the inside out. 

From yoga, to brunch, to the spa, everything was educational and I learned so much more about my well being and the brands that carry that same vision.

Morning yoga before our wellness brunch and spa day. 

Thanks to Alala for these fun pieces. It's activewear that felt like silk on my skin– seriously obsessed with their line! Check out some of my favorite pieces below:

Thank you to Langham & Immunocologie for an unforgettable week!
Hope you enjoyed!


Fall Beauty With Aerie

This past week has been a craze during fashion week and it was challenging to find moments to lay low. Everything I did from morning to night revolved around a social engagement and strict schedule. Any pocket of free time I could find, I'd wander around my neighborhood and I got to find some gems like Giovanni Rana (part of the lovely Chelsea Market).

During the afternoon I got to capture some of my favorite pieces from Aerie. I layered the chambray shirt dress with their oversized sweater on an off day for a simple, every day look. What I love are the minimal details like the gold rings with the criss-cross ties woven in to give it a little pop. I also tied the dress in a knot on the bottom to create some different lengths throughout the bottom.

If you didn't already know, Aerie has had several campaigns highlighting different aspects of natural beauty. I've partnered with them in the past for their untouched ads using models of all sizes here. Now, it's great to enter the Fall season in partnership with their new campaign using no makeup. 


Photos: Bethany Marie
*This post was made in partnership with Aerie

Hair Talk With InStyler

The subject of hair is something I get a lot of questions about and I haven't shared much about my routine, since it's very sponatenous and always on the go. My hair is naturally curly, but I straighten it once a week with loose waves and I just let them do their own thing. I find it better for my hair to only wash it once a week, so I always get creative with how I style it, and even then, I like minimal styling. 

I always switch between a straightening iron and a curling iron at the same time and there's definitely been some burns because of the multi-tasking. What I've been loving about InStyler's 2 Way Rotation Barrel is the attached brush and capability to straighten or curl/wave at the same time with one device. Not to mention, lifesaver for saving room traveling, am I right?! It also has an automatic movement to it the second it grabs a hold of hair, making the job much easier. 


Here's a few perks:


  • 2 Way Rotation
  • 4 Heat Settings that takes 30 seconds
  • Automatic Shutoff (let's be honest, I almost always forget to turn mine off)
  • Straightens and polishes
  • Builds volume and body
  • 2 sizes available: Large 1 1/4" barrel or small 3/4" barrel in multiple colors

You can check out additional videos and styles at InStyler. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as me :)