Stepping Into Spring // Urban Outfitters

Another Spring has come so fast. It's hard to believe this is already my third year in Los Angeles, and to be honest, I hit a moment where I wasn't sure if I wanted to be here anymore. Clearly, I didn't go anywhere, but it took a lot more evaluating on what I want and how to guard the many areas of my life to make sure it's healthy, rested, and growing at a pace that's not dictated by the pace of this city. 

So I've been taking it easy since the new year, visiting family a lot more, and not over-filling my schedule. A few days ago I got to spend some time at a friends house that felt like a mini getaway that was so peaceful. Took some of my comfiest pieces as of late, via Urban Outfitters, and had a lazy afternoon. 

Photo Mar 18, 6 57 34 AM.jpg
Photo Mar 18, 7 02 54 AM.jpg
Photo Mar 18, 7 00 18 AM.jpg