Thanksgiving Prep With Milk & Eggs

This might be one of my favorite times of the year, as I'm sure it's yours too. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I'm betting... well, we'll end up sifting through crazy grocery store aisles on the hunt for the same things as everyone else (I know, we never plan it that way, but it happens).

If you're local to the Los Angeles area, then ordering online might be your best friend. A few months ago I started ordering my groceries from Milk & Eggs– a local, free grocery delivery service that offers a variety of organic, fresh foods. It's been the easiest way to get everything I need right to my door the next day, and there's the option of a one-time purchase or a subscription. (See my first experience here)

I also ordered my essentials for Thanksgiving and loved their new selection (they keep adding new things all the time) and wanted to share a bit of my spread. 

If you'd like to try it out, you can use my code: meldenisse for $15 off $35 or more :)

Thanksgiving Prep With Milk & Eggs // Mel Denisse
Thanksgiving Prep With Milk & Eggs // Mel Denisse
Thanksgiving Prep With Milk & Eggs // Mel Denisse
Thanksgiving Prep With Milk & Eggs // Mel Denisse

Not to mention, I love how they always update their new items on the homepage, as well as new recipes and ideas using their food if you ever need ideas:

New to The Home // Milk & Eggs

Milk & Eggs: The New Way to Do Local Groceries // Mel Denisse

My home is a sacred space and making it feel healthy in every way is what I love to do. Being in Los Angeles makes that easy when it comes to food, however, with a busy schedule, it's not always the easiest to make grocery runs or even plan out meals. 

I've never thought about a local delivery service for groceries, but recently I tried out Milk & Eggs and absolutely loved it. It's all local farms & foods (up to 50% off) and an incredible organic selection. They have everything from fruits & veggies to, dairy, meat, pantry food, and more. Not to mention, the delivery time is just one day, delivered first thing in the morning. I definitely binged a little bit (ha), and got really excited about all the options. I stocked up on a lot of meals to make for the week, and things to keep long term as well. 

Milk & Eggs: The New Way to Do Local Groceries // Mel Denisse


You also have the option of subscribing to any item and have it delivered on a certain day each week. That way you never have to worry about picking it up at the grocery store. I feel like so much of what we buy is online these days, and adding groceries to that list makes it that much easier too. 

Milk & Eggs: The New Way to Do Local Groceries // Mel Denisse
Milk & Eggs: The New Way to Do Local Groceries // Mel Denisse

I also love their efficiency with the environment– there's no having to drive to the store (saving on gas), no waste, no inventory, or distribution centers, etc. That's why their prices are also lower. 

Milk & Eggs: The New Way to Do Local Groceries // Mel Denisse
Milk & Eggs: The New Way to Do Local Groceries // Mel Denisse

I'll continue to share what I make with the foods I order, since I've gotten a lot of inspiration from their site and blog. They continue to post incredible recipes with the food from their website and I'm excited to try them out! If you're in the LA area, definitely give Milk & Eggs a peek and try them out :) 

Gift Essentials with Ivanka Trump

This holiday has been a little nontraditional in my gift giving since I've been traveling quite a bit. As I've spent time with family this week in Florida, I wanted to have a little gift exchange to simply celebrate them and tell them how much I love and miss them.

This season I'm partnering with Ivanka Trump and getting to feature some key holiday pieces from her collection, including a piece I'm gifting to a family member too. I love the message of #CelebrateEachOther and recognizing the greatest gifts in our lives– the very people around us. Getting to love and encourage them is the best way to deliver a gift, as well as these fun pieces below:  


How are you all celebrating each other this year? For more shopping details, see below!

Photos: Bethany Marie & Mel Denisse

Mornings With Aerie

"Portraying beauty should always be something we're invited into, not something we feel like we cannot attain. Beauty is inspiration, a pure spirit that sparks each individuals language of beauty. "

I spent this early morning retreating and taking some time to 'be'– my idea of where beauty begins. As important as it is to build up wardrobes for going out, I've been embracing the personal ones behind closed doors. I grabbed some essentials from Aerie – the lace wraparound bralette, skinny jogger, and duster cardi. The softness and comfort of each piece left me never wanting to take them off. Especially the duster– it's a piece that I like to leave at the edge of my bed to throw on whenever I need. 

The idea of beauty and Aerie's vision behind their AerieREAL campaign is something that gets me so passionate and excited. From featuring unretouched ads, using real models of different sizes, they've effortlessly set the stage for 'real' to be displayed worldwide. The positive message that it's not constrained to one body type or personality even, but it's being brought back to its bare, foundational state. This for me is the core of my blog so it's amazing to be able to share in the message reaching so many young women.

To me, true beauty is learning how to rest– rest in life and rest within yourself. Learning how to be. Everything in us flourishes when we see what's already within and give it a place to speak out. Often we've choked the true nature of beauty because it's been constrained to a formula.

How do you find beauty in simply 'being'? You can also read more about the AerieREAL campaign here.

Photos: Charley Woodman // Shot in a home courtesy of Airbnb here
*This post was made in partnership with Aerie

Cabin Weekend

"Take the things that are every day and comforting and make them into the most luxurious things in the world." 

*All photos shot courtesy of Airbnb location here
Photos: Charley Woodman