Street Flare

Happy Monday! Currently still recovering from two weekends of Coachella and in a little denial that it's over. It was a sweet surprise to be able to attend the second weekend since it wasn't the original plan, but I'm so glad that I did. 

Experiencing the music all over again brought new moments. Everything around me growing silent, only leaving me and the music. It was quiet and I found myself in tears feeling so in awe of people, the artists playing– their hearts, their art, and how beautiful we all really are in how we display our unique stories. Simple, yet such life changing moments that I got to have this time around. 

Even though I wasn't technically working, I got to connect with more people, shoot some fun things, and even meet some people who recognized the collaboration I did with Aritzia from last weekend. It was so fun to have those moments in the midst of thousands of people.

Now, back to more craziness in LA– getting into the swing of things here again. Today I'm sharing one of my new favorites. Flares bring a whole new opportunity for the comfy looks I love. Today I paired it with a cut off vest from Big Star Denim. Take a peek below:

Wearing: Free People Denim Super Flare (here), Big Star Ryder Vest (here), Faryl Robin Platform Clog (here)