Welcome to Paris // Hotel Fabric

Hello Paris! I’m so happy to be here. It’s definitely the chillier part of the year, but I loved getting to cozy up in the Hotel Fabric. My stay here was so lovely- everything from the entrance, to the lobby, staff, and the self-service bar which included a selection of teas, coffee, snacks, etc. It truly made the stay feel like home.

Photo Mar 24, 11 35 30 AM.jpg
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The rooms were so spacious and had a rustic feel to them throughout the entire hotel. The L’Occitane products laid out on the bed and in the bathroom were such a fun extra touch to have. Even the wide windows gave so much air and brightness to the room that I almost didn’t want to leave in the afternoons.

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I loved their Honesty Bar that was set up in the evenings. They had a wide range of selections to choose from with wines, liquors, aperitifs, and more.

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Downstairs, there was a whole other world happening within Fabric. A nice little touch were the massage and the Hammam services (for hammam, it’s a private 45 minute session), along with a fully equipped gym to use. It was a nice little get away for the afternoons that needed just a little more pampering or workout.

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Be sure to check out Hotel Fabric on your next Parisian adventure.