Journey At Dusk

Evening drives exploring the hilltops and finding myself lost in LA's beauty. It's been fun to not know where I'm going, and end up somewhere I felt I needed to be all along. Isn't that just how life works... See the full set below :)

There is one who jealously keeps my heart. Tends to it, and causes it to come alive. I am only an ever growing response of what that looks like spilling out through art and color.

Wearing: Free People Velvet Jacket (here), Free People + Chan Luu beaded scarf (here), Urban Outfitters BDG pants (here), Urban Outfitters Bobbie Platform Boot (here), Free People Nori Belt (here), Nordstrom Papyrus Lace Bra (here)

Photos: Bethany Marie
Styling: Mel Denisse