Summer Beauty Essentials with Urban Outfitters

Each change of season, I love seeing what UO Beauty has in store and we've recently partnered up to share some of our favorite summer picks for beauty! Take a peek below:

Lavender + Sage all natural deodorant. What?! I was too excited to try this out and I can say that it never leaves my purse now. It's got a clean and fresh scent that isn't too heavy and it's easy to apply. Without the use of any aluminum or harsh chemicals, it's vegan, cruelty-free, propylene glycol-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. Not to mention it comes in 3 other kinds: cedar wood + juniper, bergamot + lime, and a classic fragrance-free. 

Cacao detox mask. This is what I've been looking forward to weekly since it smells like a brownie on your face, literally. It's one of the most enjoyable masks I've tried yet, and sometimes too tempting to want to lick the spoon! Raw cacao is great for lightening blemishes and scars and cell regeneration. The addition of the coconut milk aids in the elasticity of the skin. Get those impurities out while enjoying this goodness on your skin. 

Milk Blot paper and Sunshine oil. These blot papers are so great for an on-the-go saver. It's made from unbleached hemp that clears out pores keeping the skin refreshed without ruining any makeup. The sunshine oil brightens and hydrates. Another great on-the-go product and the ingredients make it live up to its name: grapeseed, avocado, grapefruit peel, tangerine peel, mandarin and lemon peel oils. 

To see more of my favorites or shop the items, check them out below! Hope you enjoyed!