Summer Comfort With Aerie

Summer Comfort With Aerie // Mel Denisse

Lately I've been taking time to myself to rest since the whole year has been some of the busiest months yet. It's been full of traveling, moving into a new place, and stepping into the studio to record new music. And as exciting as all that is, I've been craving the days where I don't need to worry about a schedule or a deadline. 

On my days off taking it easy, my go-to attires have been some of Aerie's latest styles and pieces. Sometimes it's challenging to still feel somewhat stylish when you don't feel like getting "dressed up." With this look, I love that the bra is still casual enough to wear on its own or with any loose top over it. I've already styled it in so many different ways, but for this look, I paired it with a simple button down and sweats. See the details below:

Summer Comfort With Aerie // Mel Denisse

Aerie's latest bra style that's perfect to pair with any outfit. Comfort at its best.

Summer Comfort With Aerie // Mel Denisse
Summer Comfort With Aerie // Mel Denisse
Summer Comfort With Aerie // Mel Denisse
Summer Comfort With Aerie // Mel Denisse
Summer Comfort With Aerie // Mel Denisse
Summer Comfort With Aerie // Mel Denisse
Summer Comfort With Aerie // Mel Denisse

Hope you enjoyed! See more of the pieces below: 

Fall Beauty With Aerie

This past week has been a craze during fashion week and it was challenging to find moments to lay low. Everything I did from morning to night revolved around a social engagement and strict schedule. Any pocket of free time I could find, I'd wander around my neighborhood and I got to find some gems like Giovanni Rana (part of the lovely Chelsea Market).

During the afternoon I got to capture some of my favorite pieces from Aerie. I layered the chambray shirt dress with their oversized sweater on an off day for a simple, every day look. What I love are the minimal details like the gold rings with the criss-cross ties woven in to give it a little pop. I also tied the dress in a knot on the bottom to create some different lengths throughout the bottom.

If you didn't already know, Aerie has had several campaigns highlighting different aspects of natural beauty. I've partnered with them in the past for their untouched ads using models of all sizes here. Now, it's great to enter the Fall season in partnership with their new campaign using no makeup. 


Photos: Bethany Marie
*This post was made in partnership with Aerie

Aerie In The City

This week has been filled with so many beautiful moments in NYC. As I was strolling through the streets of Soho, I stumbled upon Greecologies for a quaint breakfast. It was one of my favorites for atmosphere, authentic greek yogurt & various plates, and not to mention, fresh rose petal jam to top it off. So heavenly! The garden in the back was magical and the perfect place to retreat in the midst of a crazy day.

I felt right at home with this flowy nighty and bonfire vest from Aerie, making a perfect match of dressy and cozy. The temperature drastically changed during the trip, and I wasn't quite ready to throw on a big coat yet, so I paired these two pieces to layer on and off throughout the day. They were so comfy that I kept them for night time lounging after the long days too. That versatility is one of my favorite things about these pieces. 

Photo Nov 10, 3 28 16 PM.jpg

Wearing: Aerie flowy nightie* (here), Aerie bonfire vest* (here), Free People vegan leather leggings (here), Free People lace up heels (here), Mulberry handbag (here)

Photos: Elizabeth Catalano

Mornings With Aerie

"Portraying beauty should always be something we're invited into, not something we feel like we cannot attain. Beauty is inspiration, a pure spirit that sparks each individuals language of beauty. "

I spent this early morning retreating and taking some time to 'be'– my idea of where beauty begins. As important as it is to build up wardrobes for going out, I've been embracing the personal ones behind closed doors. I grabbed some essentials from Aerie – the lace wraparound bralette, skinny jogger, and duster cardi. The softness and comfort of each piece left me never wanting to take them off. Especially the duster– it's a piece that I like to leave at the edge of my bed to throw on whenever I need. 

The idea of beauty and Aerie's vision behind their AerieREAL campaign is something that gets me so passionate and excited. From featuring unretouched ads, using real models of different sizes, they've effortlessly set the stage for 'real' to be displayed worldwide. The positive message that it's not constrained to one body type or personality even, but it's being brought back to its bare, foundational state. This for me is the core of my blog so it's amazing to be able to share in the message reaching so many young women.

To me, true beauty is learning how to rest– rest in life and rest within yourself. Learning how to be. Everything in us flourishes when we see what's already within and give it a place to speak out. Often we've choked the true nature of beauty because it's been constrained to a formula.

How do you find beauty in simply 'being'? You can also read more about the AerieREAL campaign here.

Photos: Charley Woodman // Shot in a home courtesy of Airbnb here
*This post was made in partnership with Aerie

AEO + Mel Denisse

This month I got to partner with American Eagle to share this textured poncho on their blog here. It was really fun styling this piece, knowing it can compliment almost any look throughout the summer season. Head over to their blog to see the whole thing, as well as some photos + links below for shopping! :-)

Wearing: American Eagle textured poncho* (here), Tobi bodysuit* (here), Urban Outfitters shorts (here), Free People/Faryl Robin sandals* (here), Black leather wrap belt (similar)

Photos: Charley Woodman
Styling + Editing: Mel Denisse