Beauty For Real + Aerie: Summer Musts

Hi all! Hope your weekends are fun and relaxing :) I've been getting used to this warmer weather with frequent iced coffee runs, new wardrobe, and experimenting with new products. I'm sharing some new fun ones that I'm really enjoying from Aerie, made by Beauty For Real (I've shared some others from them here too) – a few summer products created specifically for the summer. Sharing about them below:

1. Sugar Rush Scrub just like it sounds and feels amazing. Raw sugar and organic coffee create an exfoliating blend that gives a really smooth finish, not to mention tones the skin. 
2. Sea + Surf Spray- obsessed. It's a natural styling spray with sea salt and marine water. The smell, interestingly enough, really puts you in a beach. It gives the look of salt water hair without the heaviness. 
3. Glow Stick– A multi-functional bronzer stick. It's creamy and great for a little color giving off a sun kissed look. I like the subtle highlighting it gives without the look of heavy makeup. 

Hope you get to try some out! Have a lovely Sunday! Xo

Wearing: top (here), AE shorts (here), AE towel (here), Beauty For Real/Aerie glow stick* (here), Beauty For Real/Aerie body scrub* (here), Beauty For Real/Aerie sea spray* (here), Free People/Faryl Robin shoes* (here)

Photos: Charley Woodman
Styling + editing: Mel Denisse