Jewel Tones For The Holiday

Lately I've been in love with jewel tones as the holiday season as approached. This emerald silk dress and coat by Amanda Uprichard gave off a new facet of royalty with its effortless femininity on display. See the details below from my stroll through West Village:

Amanda's designs intrigued me from the second I laid hands on them– as colorful as her collections are, I could feel a another layer of edge to them. Not often does this happen, but as I was exploring her collection and trying on her pieces, I could almost feel her heart behind the design. It was beautiful. I was sensing that there was more to her than the colorful patterns and playful atmosphere that's given off. 

Most of you see me stick to lots of neutrals or darker colors, but it's not the color that stops me, it's the heart and attitude behind the clothing. There was something about this dress that spoke such depth to me and it exuded a presence that said, "I can speak a different language each time you wear me and I am timeless in my elegant royalty." 

What I love is seeing how the same outfit feels in different places. This day in West Village felt magical, beautiful, and... cold. ;-) But it was well worth it. 

I can't wait to share more Amanda Uprichard in the future. I think you'll love her style as much as I do :)

Wearing: Amanda Uprichard Gabriella dress* (here, similar, similar, similar), Amanda Uprichard Mae Wool Coat* (here), Free People Bucket Bag (here), Free People + Jeffrey Campbell Minimal Lace Up Boot (here)

Photos: Elizabeth Catalano