Back to the 90s with Express

Hello June... and almost bye June! This month has already flown by. Earlier this week I took a little break and visited my friends in Seattle (who normally live down the street from me), and we decided to venture into Lake Cushman where Bethany's family has a cabin at the lake. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen– also, it's the type of place that feels the most home for me. The lake... the mountains... the views. Every moment was a breath of fresh air– to get away from a busy city and just be. It was nice to disconnect from the world and be present with where we were. 


We've teamed up with Express to share this little adventure and bring back some good 90s trends in clothing. Not to mention, I'm a 90's rock/alternative fanatic and always will be. It's where my own music is inspired from, so the lifestyle and nostalgia was something so fun to capture. Take a look at some of the pieces we styled below:

Lately I've been living in body suits since they're the perfect thing to throw on under anything. Express has a ton of different styles for bodysuits too, which have been fun to mix and match. Also, can never go wrong with an oversized plaid shirt, ever. 

We unintentionally matched, but I love the similarities and pieces we leaned towards. Bethany is wearing an olive bomber, black choker, and a seamless top. I've got my camo jacket with patches, red bodysuit, and black skinnies.

Camo, how I've missed thee! I can remember so many different phases of loving different styles of camo. Right now I'm loving the oversized look with some fun patches thrown on. 

This fun ride was brought by our friend, Ben Schuyler. He's a true explorer and it was so fun to see his 'home' on the road and spend time in it by the lake. 

Hope you enjoyed this mini getaway and don't forget to subscribe to the Youtube channel for more weekly updates, vlogs, music, and more. 

Photos: Bethany and Cory, and myself
*This post was made in partnership with Express. All comments and opinions are my own.