Weekend Love: Harlyn

Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend is filled with everything that's refreshing, new, adventurous, or coachellous. Today I'm featuring this romper from Harlyn, a brand deriving from vintage roots but carrying timeless and fun pieces! It's so comfy, not to mention, 'tall-person-friendly. Most times I find rompers I like, I can't tell if the bottom half is a piece of underwear these days. This one is made to complement without feeling like I'm in a straitjacket. I'm sure some of you know the feeling! It does wonders to find comfort and style. Take a look below:

Daily Dose Of Beauty:

When you set out on your day, remember that everything is intentional. The things you focus on, the things you notice, and the things you find yourself paying a little extra attention to, are all communicating about a part of you. Whether it's something you're attracted to or something thats indicating a need of inner reflection, embrace it and let yourself feel it. You'll be amazed at how much your body desires to communicate with you and unlock just a little place of beauty each moment you choose to be present and say, "what does today have for me?" Stepping into your beauty involves the little moments of each day. 

Wearing: Harlyn romper* (here), Faryl Robin/Free People sandals* (here)
Photos: Charley Woodman
Styling + Editing: Mel Denisse