Shape Active: New Routines

Lately I've been taking advantage of the slightly cooler weather ;) and getting excited about my weekly walks. Redding has so many beautiful trails and sights to adventure on that each outing is a new exploration of its own. I've always needed something to motivate me in being active and that's definitely scenery, the excitement of what I get to wear, but more importantly, how it'll make me feel.

I've been loving the new apparel from Shape Active as a go to for my outings, and even when I'm going to run errands. I found myself staying in them all day simply because of the comfort and flexibility they brought– to the point where I almost couldn't feel them. Talk about fitting! 

What I love is the thought put into the making of these pieces– not simply style wise, but effectiveness. As I mentioned, the shape and comfort fit like a glove, to where I could hardly feel it. But there's also care put into temperature control, glowing in the dark for night time safety, and anti-odor properties to combat bacteria.

Shape gets to take care of me while I'm getting to focus on my activities a lot more effortlessly. It's made to last, which is a great benefit to my wardrobe. I can't wait to add more pieces and see quality built into my active style. (I think we can all admit, sometimes that's what secretly motivates us– highly complimentary pieces!)

In partnering with Shape magazine, Shape Active desires to add to representing that lifestyle of a woman who lives beautifully, in style, and better health through performance apparel. Finding fullness in all facets of our life is what it's all about.

Hope you enjoyed! If you're wanting some new fun pieces, you can snag some Shape Active for yourself in select Dick's Sporting Goods stores // available online as well. 
What motivates you to stay in shape? I'd like to hear your thoughts below!