Getaway to L'Auberge de Sedona

The past two days I've been in Sedona, AZ (for the first time!) visiting a beautiful boutique inn, L'Auberge de Sedona. They have several locations, but this one was stunning for the first one. It's nestled right beneath the red rocks, scenic hiking routes, and other attractions. There was a lot of history to Sedona I had no idea about– including the fact that Walt Disney took much of his inspiration from the scenery. It made sense because I instantly felt like I was transported into another world. 

Not only did I feel such magic and serenity here, but the hotel itself was pure bliss and a perfect escape to wind down and rest. The staff was so warm and instantly felt like a little family. I had a little cottage right in front of the creek with a perfect view. I also loved the details like the fireplace with fresh wood placed at my door each day, the outdoor shower, and beautiful interiors. 

My stay wasn't nearly long enough and I can't wait to visit the other locations in the future. See some of my stay below and be sure to check it out if you're ever in Sedona– you won't regret it!

Warmest welcomes on a cold foggy day. 

My little cottage tucked away

A few of the beauty essentials including my Instyler curler. 

Made a visit to the l'apothecary spa to make a custom body scrub blend. 

Couldn't get enough of these views

Enjoyed the chef's menu at Cress with a 3 course meal. It was an art experience for my mouth– each one was another world of goodness. Above are the beef carpaccio (which I kept calling carpaccio island because of the colorful vegetables on top) and the venison. 

Loved taking these walks each morning :)

A perfect night to end each day. 

Thanks L'Auberge! xo