Gypsy Alley With Forever 21

This week's been full of change and planning for upcoming summer/fall trips. As you can see, my listed travel spots are growing for the year and I can't wait to bring you all along. Today I was so inspired when I came across this beautiful little alley way with flower trees along the side. It led to some homes with the smell of home cooked meals, families and gatherings, and the architecture made it all too similar like a Mexican beach town. 

I've partnered with Forever 21 to share several summer looks– this being the first. I knew how I wanted the outfit to feel, but had no idea I'd end up with this combination. I fell more in love with it than I thought! (I can't wait to mix and match these pieces throughout the summer.) The top is actually a bathing suit top, but I saw it fit way for my daily wardrobe so I decided to throw it in the mix! I'm also obsessing with this skirt and chain belt combo. The skirt has such a feminine, elegant flow to it that you can dress up or down, and the length is great for taller people. Not to mention, it's high waisted! Take a look at the details below:

"Putting pieces of
clothing together have always connected to something deeper. What I wear is representing an emotion– an inner world I'm desiring to display. I want that feeling to have a tangible representation."
Photo May 25, 5 52 54 PM.jpg

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