Escape to the Mountains

Since living in LA, it's been few and far between getting to do the usual escaping but my friend Bethany and I got to find this incredible spot where we'll definitely be going more often. We're both used to sceneries like this– with her being from Seattle and me spending a good portion of my time in Northern California. (See some past adventures here: Big Four Ice Caves, Mount Tamalpais, Tennessee Trail)

Before we both moved to LA, we'd always meet in landscapes that looked like another world and it's what felt like home for the both of us. Getting to explore and be in awe of what we'd find, we realized how much we missed that when we took this little trip. Capturing moments like this mean so much to us and this was a sweet way to revisit that and continue to build those same adventures in the midst of being in a busy city like LA.

Hope you enjoyed! Here's some of our favorite go-to pieces below: