Holiday Outfits + Party Prep

It's officially that time of year for gatherings and celebrations. I always love a reason to celebrate and host events no matter how small or large. During this time last year, one of my favorite things I did was create a Friendsgiving feast with Urban Outfitters on the edge of a lake here and capture a moment of beauty in that. I wanted to start sharing more of that inspiration this year with some of my top 'must-haves' for Holiday gatherings with clothing and party prep.

Holiday+Feast+By+The+Lake+%2F%2F+Mel+Denisse (2).jpeg
Holiday+Feast+By+The+Lake+%2F%2F+Mel+Denisse (3).jpeg

Shop my favorite picks for Holiday outfits and things to stay cozy in:

And here's some favorites for any party planning or hosting with your friends this month: 

Hope you enjoy!