Hair Talk With InStyler

The subject of hair is something I get a lot of questions about and I haven't shared much about my routine, since it's very sponatenous and always on the go. My hair is naturally curly, but I straighten it once a week with loose waves and I just let them do their own thing. I find it better for my hair to only wash it once a week, so I always get creative with how I style it, and even then, I like minimal styling. 

I always switch between a straightening iron and a curling iron at the same time and there's definitely been some burns because of the multi-tasking. What I've been loving about InStyler's 2 Way Rotation Barrel is the attached brush and capability to straighten or curl/wave at the same time with one device. Not to mention, lifesaver for saving room traveling, am I right?! It also has an automatic movement to it the second it grabs a hold of hair, making the job much easier. 


Here's a few perks:


  • 2 Way Rotation
  • 4 Heat Settings that takes 30 seconds
  • Automatic Shutoff (let's be honest, I almost always forget to turn mine off)
  • Straightens and polishes
  • Builds volume and body
  • 2 sizes available: Large 1 1/4" barrel or small 3/4" barrel in multiple colors

You can check out additional videos and styles at InStyler. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as me :)