New Spaces To Stay Refreshed

Finding a new space to dwell in is so needed sometimes. To get away and be in an unfamiliar place to unwind and start a fresh week. Do you ever get that hunch to just drive to a new place just to see what you'll discover because familiarity just isn't cutting it? I've had one of those weekends. 

Resting doesn’t mean being idle or not doing anything; it’s learning how to stay refreshed from within as a normal state of being.

I ventured out to this beautiful loft in Santa Monica and shot this fun look, but also rest in a new place. Cultivating a routine of rest is something that's changed my life and creativity. Resting doesn't mean being idle or not doing anything; it's learning how to stay refreshed from within as a normal state of being. This has been one of the sole keys in my creativity and branching into discovering new things about myself. So, I've been finding little moments to do that this weekend during the constant rain LA has had.

These two weeks will be busy ones– I'm packing for moving and packing for Fashion Week festivities all at the same time. So much transition is happening but I'm so excited to have a new space soon and come back to one of my favorite cities. Will anyone else be attending NYFW this February?

See some of my favorite pieces/details from this set below:

Photos: Alandra Michelle


Road Trip Getaway with LOFT

Photo May 21, 4 19 00 PM.jpg

Happy Monday! This weekend was nonstop with my friend, Bethany as we adventured around desert roads and mountains. We got a head start celebrating her birthday week with friends in town, long brunches, and get togethers. But as usual, our favorite activity is to explore and adventure around new places. We get so excited about finding new things and even learning more about each other through those trips. Some of our best conversations have happened throughout them– and other times, the funniest. 

We got to venture out with LOFT, giving us the perfect pieces to display through out our road trip. They've been such an effortless addition to the outing we were craving. I always love a romper that can be timeless and this black romper did the trick. With the minimal ruffles on the front and the simplicity of the style, there's so much room to accessorize. My second outfit was equally another favorite with a simple button down and a flared short with ripped edges. I can't wait to layer them with other pieces throughout the summer. For outfit details, see below. 

#loveloft #loftgetaway

Photos: Bethany Marie

*This post was made in partnership with LOFT. All comments and opinions are my own.