Two Hotels You Need to Know in Saint Germaine, Paris

Ah, Paris. There’s no place like it. I was so happy to be able to spend a week exploring there, and to my pleasant surprise, finding a great similarity to Istanbul (where my family is from). The culture was so similar I easily felt like it was home. I spent most of my time in the Saint Germaine area where I got to stay in 2 lovely hotels, Artus and Madison. Both are central to so many wonderful spots that I walked to most of the cafes, creperies, shops, etc. I loved that the same cafes I went to during the day were equally just as inviting in the evening with a different life to it.

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The Madison Hotel was absolutely stunning. The warm, bright interiors welcome you as soon as you enter, making you feel so cozy. There’s a self-service bar and fruit water right when you enter, along with a beautiful lobby area that goes inward with so many places to sit and unwind. It truly felt like a home away from home.

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A room with a view…. this was what sold me on the Madison hotel. The bright lit, welcoming feeling continued in the room with beautiful, bright interiors, along with a spacious bathroom that had blue stone sinks.

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Little hand written notes and products were left that were so thoughtful. Their products, RITUAL, easily became one my favorites because the smell was incredible. I remember thinking, “I need this bodywash everywhere I go” and when I returned to my room, there was a special one waiting at my bedside. So, I’m pretty sure they read minds too ;)

The Artus Hotel was a beautifully different experience with a darker lit lobby upon entrance. It was minimal with a stunning bookcase, modern seating, and a coffee station ready for use. I was sad that my time here was so short, but experiencing it was nothing short of wonderful. The staff was so helpful and welcoming and they really knew how to pick their location ;) I couldn’t get over the fact that as soon as you step outside the door, you’re in the midst of so many wonderful cafes and shops. I really didn’t have to leave the area at all.

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The rooms were exceptional, as they had their own balcony with a beautiful view to capture that Parisian experience just perfectly. I couldn’t wait to wake up each morning, grab a coffee downstairs, and hit the streets.

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Artus Hotel also has a bar with even more great views to enjoy. Not to mention, a sauna to wind down in once I was done for the day. Luxury like this might be easy to miss at first glance, but the fact that it’s nestled right in the midst of the best part of town does it justice to seek it out and experience it.

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They had an open bathroom concept in this room with more RITUAL products (yes!) and a view that was lovely.

For your next Paris visit, don’t miss out on staying at Madison or Artus Hotel.

Point A Hotel // London

Hello Point A Hotel! This was such a fun stop during my time in London before heading out on an early flight to Paris. The staff was so friendly and the downstairs lobby had such a retro-modern feel to it with circle shaped table areas and a Juke Box to add another layer of fun.

Photo Mar 24, 4 50 20 PM.jpg

The room came fully equipped with mood lighting that became such a fun bonus. This made the stay much more inviting to be able to adjust the light to the time of day or focus. The bed was incredibly comfortable and the views were stunning. I loved being able to walk to local pubs from here and visit the St. Pancras hotel as well.

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They are not messing around when it comes to snacks. In the mornings. they offer The Brekkie, which included fresh pastries; croissants, cinnamon swirls, cheese and bacon twists, yoghurts, fruits, juice and tea/coffee. For my early morning, they accommodated me with a grab-and-go snack bag with a combination of everything to send me on my way to Paris.

I felt so incredibly taken care of here and the rooms were so comfortable. I look forward to having this place as a go-to option anytime I’m visiting London.

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If you find yourself in London, make Point A Hotel a stop during your next visit.

Writers Studio // Nashville

A few weeks ago, I went back to visit Nashville because I miss it dearly. I’ve been traveling for almost a month and it’s always difficult to keep up with music I’m writing, so with The Hutton Hotel’s latest renovation, I was able to experience their newest addition, The Writer’s Studio. It’s a fully equipped studio with everything I could possibly need to work on idea while I stayed there and I was in love. Everything they did from the studio space to the hotel feels like a modern apartment for the creative Nashville dweller.

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Located at The Hutton Hotel, Nashville, TN.