Writers Studio // Nashville

A few weeks ago, I went back to visit Nashville because I miss it dearly. I’ve been traveling for almost a month and it’s always difficult to keep up with music I’m writing, so with The Hutton Hotel’s latest renovation, I was able to experience their newest addition, The Writer’s Studio. It’s a fully equipped studio with everything I could possibly need to work on idea while I stayed there and I was in love. Everything they did from the studio space to the hotel feels like a modern apartment for the creative Nashville dweller.

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Located at The Hutton Hotel, Nashville, TN.

21c Hotel Museum // Nashville

Last weekend I got to spend a few days in Nashville again. I've missed it so much and every time I'm back, it seems to have grown more and more. I was so happy to be hosted by 21c Hotel Museum during my stay. They're a boutique hotel that's half known as a contemporary art museum throughout the entire building. It was beautiful to walk through the halls with the interactive art, along with a dark theater room with instrumental music playing and a projector showcasing various images to escape. 

21c Hotel Museum Nashville // Mel Denisse
21c Hotel Museum Nashville // Mel Denisse
21c Hotel Museum Nashville // Mel Denisse
21c Hotel Museum Nashville // Mel Denisse

If you're ever visiting Nashville, this is a must stay. It's close to everything and there's nothing short of inspiration in each corner of the hotel.