Transition into Layers

First day the temperatures began to cool and I couldn't wait to bring out some new pieces I've been loving as of late. Since my favorite types of spots are nature based, I put together some neutral and minimal tones to create something that would compliment that. I love any good pair of suede boots (especially ones that hug a leg well) and a classic leather jacket. This one was a fun addition because it's longer and oversized so I could pair it with a dress or skirt. Take a look below:

Sofia by Vix: Summer Ready

Happy Sunday! Hope you all have had a great weekend so far. Today I plan to get a great cup of coffee, rest, and plan the week ahead. :)

Today I'm featuring some Sofia by Vix pieces, designed by Paula Hermann (sister label of ViX Paula Hermanny). 

Her pieces have a carefree, bohemian flare that I really love. Even the dress, that's technically a cover up, is something I know I'd love to use near or away from the water. 

Made in Brazil, everything is amazing quality. I chose this polka dot one piece that's really the best of both worlds. With each design, they usually have several variations of them to meet your needs.

We found a fun spot to shoot in that felt like a private lagoon. As you can tell, I harp on shoot sites that feel more like retreats than work. 

Hope you enjoyed! What are your thoughts? See/shop the items below:

Wearing: Sofia by Vixx swimsuit* (here), Sofia by Vixx dress* (here), Sofia by Vixx bag* (here), Free People/Faryl Robin shoes* (here), Wren & Glory ring* (here)  

Photos; Charley Woodman
Styling + Editing: Mel Denisse

Liberty Garden: Escape To Beauty

What a beautiful spring day! Today I'm featuring this lovely dress, the Dominique Maxi, by Liberty Garden. I've featured some of their things before and I love what they continue to do and their heart behind it. I found this amazing field early in the morning yesterday and knew it was the perfect setting for it. See all the fun below and check out their new arrivals! So many fun things for the spring/summer time. I can't get enough!

Wearing: Liberty Garden dress (here), Faryl Robin/Free People shoes (here), Jens Pirate Booty ring (here)
Photos: Charley Woodman
Styling + Editing: Mel Denisse

Dazed In Wonder

In the hidden spots of Northern California, I bring to you this retreat of a shoot. Seriously, one of the most relaxing shoots I've ever had, which are the best. I took a much needed walk and captured some of the highlights with this fun outfit. It was also the first time I had my hair all natural without applying any styling to it. I'm going to try to keep it up and see how it feels! See it below:

"Let your feet find new paths...

...let them wander just as they were made to." 

Wearing: Free People top* (here), Urban Outfitters shorts (here), Free People/Faryl Robin shoes* (here)
Styling + Editing: Mel Denisse

Caught In A Deserted Light

"What mysteries may unfold
for a curious soul that simply asks to see"

A few days ago I got to shoot in Lassen again. It was deserted, quiet, and calm. I love that I never know what to expect, and in choosing my outfits for different shoots, the feeling is always different. Isn't that how all creativity is? We enter it, not knowing what will come out of it, but to be delighted and surprised by its results, thus learning more about ourselves. Take a look at the latest venture and shop the items below as well: 

Wearing: Free People top (here), Free People pants (here), Free People hat (here), Aurelie Bidermann ring (here), 2bandits necklace (similar), Faryl Robin shoes (similar)
Photos: Charley Woodman
Styling: Mel Denisse