Stepping Into Spring // Urban Outfitters

Another Spring has come so fast. It's hard to believe this is already my third year in Los Angeles, and to be honest, I hit a moment where I wasn't sure if I wanted to be here anymore. Clearly, I didn't go anywhere, but it took a lot more evaluating on what I want and how to guard the many areas of my life to make sure it's healthy, rested, and growing at a pace that's not dictated by the pace of this city. 

So I've been taking it easy since the new year, visiting family a lot more, and not over-filling my schedule. A few days ago I got to spend some time at a friends house that felt like a mini getaway that was so peaceful. Took some of my comfiest pieces as of late, via Urban Outfitters, and had a lazy afternoon. 

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Getaway to Big Bear

Lately I've been enjoying the quiet moments leading into the new year. Taking time off to rest, but even explore a little more around California. Recently, I headed down to Big Bear with some friends for the day and caught a glimpse of almost everything I could've wanted– snow, mountains, lakes, and a beautiful sunset. I'm so expectant for what the year is going to bring and looking forward to further travels like this. 


Street Style Sequin

The colors are changing and I couldn't be more excited. These last few weeks have been a little on the busier side with all Fall related activities and events. Each season I get to surprise myself with what I gravitate towards wearing and it helps me understand more about what that time will look like for me on a personal and emotional level. I love learning more about myself maybe when words can't express it and something else can. 

For this style, I paired sequin on sequin– can't get enough of it lately! I've been including sequin in more of my every day looks to still keep it casual, yet have a staple piece that can work throughout any time of day. 


Retreat In West Village

"Breathe in the new day, no matter what has happened. For what is to come is greater than what has been. Your heart is exploding into new territories, full of wonder, awe, surprise, and Love. Let love carry you into fullness."

Aerie In The City

This week has been filled with so many beautiful moments in NYC. As I was strolling through the streets of Soho, I stumbled upon Greecologies for a quaint breakfast. It was one of my favorites for atmosphere, authentic greek yogurt & various plates, and not to mention, fresh rose petal jam to top it off. So heavenly! The garden in the back was magical and the perfect place to retreat in the midst of a crazy day.

I felt right at home with this flowy nighty and bonfire vest from Aerie, making a perfect match of dressy and cozy. The temperature drastically changed during the trip, and I wasn't quite ready to throw on a big coat yet, so I paired these two pieces to layer on and off throughout the day. They were so comfy that I kept them for night time lounging after the long days too. That versatility is one of my favorite things about these pieces. 

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Wearing: Aerie flowy nightie* (here), Aerie bonfire vest* (here), Free People vegan leather leggings (here), Free People lace up heels (here), Mulberry handbag (here)

Photos: Elizabeth Catalano