Sequin For The Holidays

Hello from South Florida! I'm here for the week to spend some quality time with family and also see my dad get married, which is a surreal experience! This year it's been tough to see family and I'm thankful for these few days of doing a lot of catch up!

In the meantime, since I've been on the hunt for so many dresses for different holiday occasions, I'm sharing some of my favorite pieces for the rest of the year that are great for those last minute parties! See details below:

Shop some of my favorite sequin dresses below:


Street Style Sequin

The colors are changing and I couldn't be more excited. These last few weeks have been a little on the busier side with all Fall related activities and events. Each season I get to surprise myself with what I gravitate towards wearing and it helps me understand more about what that time will look like for me on a personal and emotional level. I love learning more about myself maybe when words can't express it and something else can. 

For this style, I paired sequin on sequin– can't get enough of it lately! I've been including sequin in more of my every day looks to still keep it casual, yet have a staple piece that can work throughout any time of day.