3 Hair Styling Tool Necessities

If you're like me, you're probably always on the search for new hair styling tools and new ways to do your hair, and I'm also going to guess that you have a default way of styling it. For me, my basic hair-do are loose choppy waves, but I often find that certain tools can accomplish what I want better than others. I wanted to share about a brand I've been using lately, Instyler. They carry a variety of tools that are great for being on the go– not to mention, they're multi-functional. 

I first started using the BLU Ionic dryer and loved the way it made my hair feel. Blow drying isn't the best, so it was nice to feel like my hair wasn't a dry knotted mess after I was done. It's known for retaining the moisture in hair while drying up to 2x faster than an average blow dryer. It also has 2 different heat settings as well as a turbo ionic switch to choose increase or decrease the amount of negative ions based on how frizzy your hair gets. All in all, I love these little added benefits, and it also comes in two sizes (one perfect for travel!)

The 2 Way Rotating Iron a favorite as far as multi-functioning capabilities go. It rotates to the left or right depending on how you want to style your hair with 4 different heat settings. And for the health of hair, they've spared no expense in creating these ionic bristles in the brush to reduce frizz. You can either straighten or go for a wavy style all in one. 

Last but not least, the Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush. I love this one for a simple straightener and that it's a brush. Normally when I'm straightening my hair, I need to brush it at the same time to make sure it's straigteneed thoroughly, and this has saved a lot of time. It has 65 ceramic heated plates to create an even distribution of heat to the hair with each brush. It comes with 7 different heat settings, so there's a lot more variety to this tool, and of course, has the cool tip ionic bristles. 

Instyler has a lot more great tools you can check out, and if you're on the hunt for new ones, give these a try! Hope you enjoyed. 

Hair Talk With InStyler

The subject of hair is something I get a lot of questions about and I haven't shared much about my routine, since it's very sponatenous and always on the go. My hair is naturally curly, but I straighten it once a week with loose waves and I just let them do their own thing. I find it better for my hair to only wash it once a week, so I always get creative with how I style it, and even then, I like minimal styling. 

I always switch between a straightening iron and a curling iron at the same time and there's definitely been some burns because of the multi-tasking. What I've been loving about InStyler's 2 Way Rotation Barrel is the attached brush and capability to straighten or curl/wave at the same time with one device. Not to mention, lifesaver for saving room traveling, am I right?! It also has an automatic movement to it the second it grabs a hold of hair, making the job much easier. 


Here's a few perks:


  • 2 Way Rotation
  • 4 Heat Settings that takes 30 seconds
  • Automatic Shutoff (let's be honest, I almost always forget to turn mine off)
  • Straightens and polishes
  • Builds volume and body
  • 2 sizes available: Large 1 1/4" barrel or small 3/4" barrel in multiple colors

You can check out additional videos and styles at InStyler. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as me :)