5 Habits That Make A Successful Sunday

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend so far. As you can see, I've done my usual coffee run with my favorite avocado + egg toast combo from a new coffee shop I discovered, Paramount Coffee Project. Talk about some quality time with good food + rest. I loved finding new places to go and explore around on the weekends. 

Creating a plan is creating a successful week.

On top of having a fun weekend, I wanted to share some habits I've found to make a Sunday successful. Why just a Sunday? Often times I feel like Saturday's get thrown into the pace of the week where unfinished errands happen, as well as other busy activities. That only leaves Sunday to fully rest before another week begins and I know for me, they're pivotal to unwind and prepare for my week in a way that leaves me refreshed.


1. Seek Productivity Away From Work

It's important to recharge and reenergize without straining yourself before the week starts. This could look like pursuing a hobby or passion that you normally don't get to do throughout the week. Even if you are pursuing your passion throughout the week, take time to do something else on the weekend that you normally wouldn't do. This could be hiking, exploring new places, building something– anything that's unrelated to your business. 

2. Get Some Exercise– This Means Several Different Things...

It's no secret that physical activity helps us feel great physically, as well as mentally and emotionally. You may not have time to do it throughout the week and this could be great alone time to get away whether it's in a gym, hike, or a walk somewhere you've always wanted to go. Find the type of exercise that sounds exciting to you, instead of one that feels like a burden. It'll also help clear your mind and give focus for the upcoming week.

3. Updates And Maintenance 

This could represent a lot of different things– but surprisingly the kind of "work" that stimulates instead of stresses. It could mean organizing your home or office, getting the car cleaned, personal grooming with hair and nails, etc. It could even be catching up with friends and family you haven't been able to talk to over the week. Handling small tasks and chores that you couldn't get to throughout the week and keeping a list of them will help stay organized. 

4. Socialize And Network

Everyone's idea of what this looks like is different. I know for me as a blogger, part of my job is socializing and networking, so it can be exhausting. However, I love to have quality time over a coffee or Sunday brunch with close friends I can simply have fun with, without thinking about needing to 'network.' Getting out and socializing is also a great way to process your week with a friend and share the things you're looking forward to in the next week.  

5. Plan The Upcoming Week

A big part of Sunday should be devoted to planning the upcoming week. Meetings, appointments, dinners, errands, etc all should be written or logged somewhere in plain sight to see. There should not only be practical things planned, but even physical or emotional goals for that week, whether it's with fitness or something you're dealing with. It's also a great time to write out a grocery list and meal ideas to make throughout the week. 

While there's many more, I hope these few reminders can help move your Sunday along a little more smoothly. Have any other Sunday rituals? Feel free to share below! xx