Thanksgiving Prep With Milk & Eggs

This might be one of my favorite times of the year, as I'm sure it's yours too. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I'm betting... well, we'll end up sifting through crazy grocery store aisles on the hunt for the same things as everyone else (I know, we never plan it that way, but it happens).

If you're local to the Los Angeles area, then ordering online might be your best friend. A few months ago I started ordering my groceries from Milk & Eggs– a local, free grocery delivery service that offers a variety of organic, fresh foods. It's been the easiest way to get everything I need right to my door the next day, and there's the option of a one-time purchase or a subscription. (See my first experience here)

I also ordered my essentials for Thanksgiving and loved their new selection (they keep adding new things all the time) and wanted to share a bit of my spread. 

If you'd like to try it out, you can use my code: meldenisse for $15 off $35 or more :)

Thanksgiving Prep With Milk & Eggs // Mel Denisse
Thanksgiving Prep With Milk & Eggs // Mel Denisse
Thanksgiving Prep With Milk & Eggs // Mel Denisse
Thanksgiving Prep With Milk & Eggs // Mel Denisse

Not to mention, I love how they always update their new items on the homepage, as well as new recipes and ideas using their food if you ever need ideas:


Friendsgiving Traditions with Express

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. This year in particular has been a crazy ride moving to Los Angeles, but little did I know I'd be surrounded by some of my best friends going through all the holidays, moments, and life together. 

In the spirit of creating new traditions, my best friend Bethany and I have gotten to partner with Express to share a moment of our mini friendsgiving in the mountains. We wanted a chance to enjoy the cooler weather, still moments before the holiday craze, have some early desserts ;), and take time to write some notes to our family who we can't see this month. Creating unexpected holiday traditions like this have been more memorable because they're new ways to celebrate.

We picked some of our favorite holiday wear with cozy sweaters, comfy denim leggings, and even some table decor to set up. See all the details for the pieces below:

Shop all our favorite pieces below:

Holiday Outfits + Party Prep

It's officially that time of year for gatherings and celebrations. I always love a reason to celebrate and host events no matter how small or large. During this time last year, one of my favorite things I did was create a Friendsgiving feast with Urban Outfitters on the edge of a lake here and capture a moment of beauty in that. I wanted to start sharing more of that inspiration this year with some of my top 'must-haves' for Holiday gatherings with clothing and party prep.

Holiday+Feast+By+The+Lake+%2F%2F+Mel+Denisse (2).jpeg
Holiday+Feast+By+The+Lake+%2F%2F+Mel+Denisse (3).jpeg

Shop my favorite picks for Holiday outfits and things to stay cozy in:

And here's some favorites for any party planning or hosting with your friends this month: 

Hope you enjoy!