Music In A Summer Home with Urban Outfitters

In the midst of the busy summer, I took some time to do some home reorganizing. My home life is pretty simple. I don't like to have too much stuff– not to mention, it's a home and office/studio combined, so the design/decor changes almost weekly.

Since a lot of my time is spent writing music or listening to it, I decided that instead of having the typical side furniture in a bedroom, it would also be my music room. I just added a second record player, brought in my guitar and keyboard, and felt like it was such a relaxing way of combining rest with creativity. I got to partner with Urban Outfitters to add a few key pieces from their home selection that I knew would add just the right touches to this transition. I've been loving their latest home decor accessories that ive been sticking them in every corner possible :)

Also, with all this music love, how many of you are Spotify lovers? Well, I created a July playlist that you can add, share, or listen to here. I'd love to start sharing them monthly if you guys want to connect there as well. Feel free to let me know :)

Photo Jul 14, 2 12 59 AM.jpg

I can't wait to add more musical goodness to this room! I'll keep you all updated on its process :)


*This post was made in partnership with Urban Outfitters. All comments and opinions are my own.


UO x Festival Wear

It's that time again. Festival season is here and I'm partnering with Urban Outfitters to share this look and some other fun pieces below to kickstart spring! I've been loving the different fun crop-tops paired with these (insanely comfortable) pin up stretchy denim shorts, which come in multiple colors as well. Creating different outfits with small changes are always a win for me, especially in the hot season. 

Check out the essentials and some survival products to carry throughout the day below: 

Shop the look here:

Survival Go-To's

Photos: Bethany Marie 
*This post was made in partnership with Urban Outfitters.