one desire


life piles desires on our hearts
day after day

some scream at us
others creep in unnoticed

and pretty soon we must shave them off
layer by layer

like a dust covered room
thoroughly cleaning what's buried a treasure  

to come back to the ever promising truth:
the heart will only ever desire one thing

and this one thing is Who reveals it all;
for all true desires are an internal matter

i now ache; the presence of Desire Himself is here
I cease to remember all others entirely

mel denisse

words passing


my appetite is gone
finished with our words;

i need the silence to speak

to pull apart the words
shatter them in suspended air
dissect their origin back to bare  

can you truly understand what you speak... 
are your words in
if you've yet to enter your heart

i can't afford a disconnect
death can't be our only concept
drowning in a world of dry bones
only connecting hearts of stone

i could start in your eyes
brave the journey into your sight
dive down your chamber soul
let a little life dwell within your walls

mel denisse 

Enemy minds


with You i advance in heart
and wait to make the connect
heart to head

for if I began with the mind
it would criticize my very heart
polluting its world with carnal reason

sometimes I feel separate
in a world of intellect minds
talking about feeling
but the furthest from it

sometimes I feel separate
in a world of false desires
talking about goodness
but never tasted it

sometimes I feel separate
in a world of stone
talking about warm flesh
but reside in winter

can these enemy minds be put to rest
renewed truth to call their home
can these enemy minds encounter Beauty
like a mirror, reflecting back at them

mel denisse

morning // midnight


morning dawns after midnight  
this awakening is not real light  

but then i'd like to think
the truth is we meet in the night,
singing our sorrow lullabies
caught in a world of intrinsic highs

morning dawns after midnight
with only my bones in sight

i know you haven't left me alone
just a secret face i can call my own

natural sight was never a good fit
for two souls who meet beneath the skin
their eyes never choose to meet; 
for they shut as soon as they greet

convinced this is worth searching forever
cause i've never seen more color
than i do in a dark hour

I’m not afraid of what I can’t see;
I’m just afraid of what I won’t

morning dawns after midnight
awaiting the hours to reunite

if you can bear it //


if you can bear the truth
dive deeper each day
through the many chambers of your heart
some filled with inexplicable ecstasies
and others, with painful perplexities

what universes our bodies hold
orbiting in great harmony
carrying the mystery of ages
compiled into one being

perhaps even some wars waged within are not our own
but we bear them as human hosts
searching for relief within a spiritual enigma

often we shut it down all together, for it's far too great to bear
to stay a stone, convinced it's a safe clone
but there is a garden that must bloom inseparably,
living off the oxygen we call vulnerability

the time we have isn't enough to seek our entire complexity
but each day we can read a chapter and further understand
we are a gift in life and life is a gift in us

two hearts //


twisting my fate
all because
i felt too much
all because
i felt too little
and now
the space is greater
not a heart of one, but of two

so i keep thoughts in both
one hopes well
the other
forgets better

today a stone, tomorrow just skin
they can't seem to meet
i'm splitting in half
i'll destruct
to build in my flesh again

the remains are a disarray
what hurts is also what loves
for love and death share the same home