Urban Outfitters: New Seasons

New months, new seasons. It always calls for a change of color and scenery, which is some of what I've been doing lately. As I make my way towards early fall, I've made a few additions from Urban Outfitters to spruce up the living area with these darker neutrals and some pops of muted oranges and pinks. The color pattern of this rug hooked me because of the different combinations it can bring out in the other decor around it (Perfect for those of us who like changing things frequently). I've been ready for fall for a while, so here's my first few steps towards it. Can't wait to bring in more as the months come :) Shop the details below:

UO Triangle Woven Rug* (here), UO Arrow Side Table* (here), UO Wire Magazine Basket* (here), UO Chair (here), UO Hanging Planter* (here), 

*This post was made in partnership with Urban Outfitters