NYFW // Winter Blood

Hello from New York! It's been a nonstop week adventuring around and experiencing the madness of NYFW. Every corner you turn, there's an event, celebration, or gathering happening and it makes this place feel like the Christmas of fashion.

I've been in awe and trying to soak in each moment I can. I've learned that being easily captivated allows you to connect to things that could very well change your life in that moment. It's been a lot of learning, fun, and work!

Below I'm sharing one of my looks from this week, and I absolutely love it. With this cold weather it's been a challenge to put things together, but I gathered one of my favorite coats from Willow & Clay, gifted by the best team at Bollare, and this cropped mesh top from Tobi below:

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Wearing: Willow & Clay faux fur coat* (here or similar), Tobi mesh crop top* (here), All Saints leather pencil skirt (here), Zara mini handbag (similar), Sam Edelman booties (similar)

Photos: Elizabeth Catalano

Drift Into February

February is always a special month for me. For one, it's my birthday month, but it always feels like that's when my new year begins. New promises. New visions. New opportunities. I love taking the month to think about the year and everything that's led to this moment. If I can be captured by more beauty and magic each year, I know I'm living the life I crave.

This past weekend was beautiful. I spent more time exploring around my new city with friends, shooting, all day brunches, and good conversations. Captured below is one of our outings:


Wearing: Aerie bra* (similar), Free People denim jacket (here), Topshop Skinny jeans (here), Urban Outfitters boots (here), Chan Luu Necklace* (here)

Photos: Bethany Marie
Styling: Mel Denisse

Journey At Dusk

Evening drives exploring the hilltops and finding myself lost in LA's beauty. It's been fun to not know where I'm going, and end up somewhere I felt I needed to be all along. Isn't that just how life works... See the full set below :)

There is one who jealously keeps my heart. Tends to it, and causes it to come alive. I am only an ever growing response of what that looks like spilling out through art and color.

Wearing: Free People Velvet Jacket (here), Free People + Chan Luu beaded scarf (here), Urban Outfitters BDG pants (here), Urban Outfitters Bobbie Platform Boot (here), Free People Nori Belt (here), Nordstrom Papyrus Lace Bra (here)

Photos: Bethany Marie
Styling: Mel Denisse

Garden Alleys

It's been a month since I've called LA home and I feel like everything is already going by so fast. It's definitely different than the big landscapes and mountain scenes I was used to in Redding, but I'm finding that wherever I can explore, I can bring that same enchantment to busy streets or local spots. I'm so enjoying my new home and the people here, including this little spot below. 

"There's a garden wherever I go, springing from within, creating a place to be captured and for others to breathe in."


Wearing: Urban Outfitters Dress (here), Free People Bra (here), Urban Outfitters Boots (here), Free People Vegan Leather Jacket* (here), Free People Bucket Bag (here)

Photos: Elizabeth Catalano
Styling + Editing: Mel Denisse

Holiday Sparkle At Venice

It's been a whirlwind of a two weeks as I've transitioned into my new home, Los Angeles. It's been a process already watching the momentum of the city, people, and places. I already feel at home and excited for what's to come. This week I spent my first shoot in the early hours at sunrise on Venice beach. What a breathtaking moment. As soon as the run rose, it was like looking at a painting. Pink and orange shades filling the sky, dolphins close to the shore jumping around, which have popped up in some of the photos we took.


Photos: Madison Taylor Bass